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Super Clear and Wonderful UV Printing Stretch CeilingUpdate: 2014-02-23

UV printing stretch ceiling is different with common printing ceiling:
1.There is no PASS line, or even printed from that direction can not be seen.
2.There are three-dimensional, high accuracy, precision can reach 2400DPI.
3.Anti-UV, anti-aging, can be used outdoors more than two years.
4.Agfa imported green ink through the EU certification, instantly cured, non-volatile.
5.Color distortion, saturation is very good, black is pure black, the same gray, not shallow.
6.The picture is very resistant to hang performance, rubbing can not afford, can not afford to hang, easy to clean.
7.The width can be from 1.5m-5.0m, if using glossy film printing, so the color is more beautiful.

East Best Ceiling Industry co.,Ltd can supply you So best pvc stretch ceiing for all the world esteemed company with very good price.

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