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Features of modeling stretch ceiling Update: 2013-09-29

Modeling soft stretch ceiling is relative to the planar soft film ceiling purposes , soft film ceiling planar two-dimensional form , shape . Form from the modeling point of view, it is showing a different variation bump effect . Modeling three-dimensional soft stretch ceiling
1.2.1 modeling features soft film ceiling
1 ) forms, ever-changing . Soft film ceiling shape modeling language has rich features . Its handling of the character according designers to produce a wide variety of different psychological reactions . Straight line shape can be expressed solemn , simple , elegant, and generous character ; curve modeling system can render a gorgeous , light , freedom, dynamic effects to lyrical .
2 ) adjustments. Modeling soft film ceiling space in the regulation of indoor bad plays an important role , especially in the conditioned space height , the better , for example, the use of the space between the beams do high soft film ceiling, the end of the beam and secondary space to do different forms of low soft film ceiling treatment, increase the height feeling.
3 ) strengthen the center. Three-dimensional soft film ceiling in the interior design , in addition to the main walls have a vision center, under normal circumstances, in the main high-grade indoor environment , soft film ceiling must also have a vision center or center of interest known . for example, in Shanghai soft film ceiling in the center of a single local bands, multi-stage , positive bands, anti- bands and lines, curves, shape processing , so that contrast effect with the surrounding environment , thus achieving the purpose of strengthening the center . In addition, architectural design , often overly messy irregular interior space which need interior designers to transform, through three-dimensional reinforcement of soft film ceiling dominant spatial processing techniques, allows it to master from clear, tends to unity.
4 ) the difficulty of design is high. Since three-dimensional shape of the soft film ceiling itself many elements of the relationship , during the three-dimensional soft film ceiling design must be taken seriously, do you want to repeat the analysis and comparison of a variety of programs , must not easily launch design. 1.2.2 modeling soft film ceiling type and scope of use
( 1 ) lenticular
Lenticular soft film ceiling relative to the planar datum soft film ceiling is advance and retreat , that the surface layer of soft film ceiling retired people from the plane to a multi-layer, or protruding plane , sometimes there is a carry there retire combination of both. Lenticular shape in the form of soft film ceiling with geometric -shaped, free- form and integrated shape.
Lenticular soft film ceiling we often call it three-dimensional soft film ceiling ( or ceiling ) . It is often rich and elegant design requirements for indoor environments, such as the lobby , ballroom , function rooms , conference rooms , restaurants and other rooms. The shape of form in the regulation of indoor space is much to do in the same time, lenticular soft film ceiling deal skillfully concealed indoor equipment engineering also has certain advantages, it can help change the elevation of indoor equipment , skillfully conducted bump change . Indoor environment in creating imagery , its role can not be ignored .
( 2 ) Surface -style
Surface -style Shanghai soft film ceiling of the modeling approach , often the whole room soft film ceiling surface treatment of surfaces, arched or broken line , relative to the reference plane of its surface can bump up or down to make changes .
Soft film ceiling curved shape in many forms , design How to combine sound, light and other effects into account, it is used for theaters , town halls , banquet halls and other large interior space .
( 3 ) Hierarchical layered soft film ceiling has multiple planes, it lenticular Shanghai soft film ceiling is the difference between the layers are independent, can be treated as high in the middle , both sides of the lower , or middle low, high on both sides .
Tiered roof characteristics: It is in the same room , according to requirements, the ceiling will be lowered or raised locally to form different shapes , different levels of a small space to use split-level layout light tank , outlet and other facilities. Can be combined with sound, light , electricity, air-conditioning requirements , the formation of different heights , different reflection angles, different results. Such ceiling for medium or large interior space. Such as activity rooms , halls, restaurants , dance halls, multi-purpose hall and gymnasium .
( 4 ) well format
Well format available soft film ceiling original building top interface cross beam structure , due to the design on the potential shape can also be designed as a separate format keel Well , on this basis, for decoration.
Well format soft film ceiling form the main shape and slant square format square format , it does not change the overall relationship between the cross beam or keel , but in plaid centers or nodes , etc. supplemented with appropriate decorations. This soft film ceiling has a certain exoticism , and often lead to the caisson associations. It is often used in a hall or corridor and other rooms .
Three-dimensional soft film ceiling design must take into account the relationship between indoor equipment related . Such as water , heating, air conditioning, circuit , fire and other processing pipeline hidden works , they are restricting the soft film ceiling design . Therefore, the design must be balanced skillfully integrated , comprehensive, coordinated , multi- program comparison , select the desired three-dimensional soft film ceiling design.
In short, the three-dimensional Shanghai soft film ceiling is a higher level of soft film ceiling molding forms , we must take full advantage of its features, dialectical , comprehensive way of thinking , well-conceived , well-designed , in order to create a masterpiece and boutique .Undo editsAlpha
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